How to Give Medications to Pets

So what is a pet owner to do? How do you ensure that your beloved pets take the medicine for maintaining their health? Let’s look at some of the common methods below:

With food: You are in luck if the good veterinarian prescribes medicines that can be mixed with the food. It is advisable to crush the tablet and mix in a small amount of the food so that the pets get the full dose even if they don’t eat the full meal. Again, choose foods that your pet loves – pate, tuna, cheese, butter, etc – and give the medicine when the dog or cat is really hungry. Choosing strong-smelling foods will ensure that they cannot smell out the medicine concealed in the food.

If the medicine cannot be crushed, many pet owners make small meatballs with the capsule placed in the center of the ball. But a crucial aspect is that the pet should gulp down the food and not chew it. Chewing a pill or capsule will only make the mouth bitter. Also, watch out that the pet does not spit out the medicine.

Without food: In case the medication cannot be combined with food or the pet becomes suspicious about the pill in the food, there is no option but to administer the medicine orally to the pet. But you need to be especially alert when placing your hand inside a pet’s mouth to avoid ending up bitten badly. Pet owners usually hold the pet by the head and fold the lip over the upper teeth before placing the medicine at the back of the animal’s tongue. Close the mouth and stroke the neck or blow over the nose to encourage the pet to swallow the medicine quickly. Coating the pill or capsule with butter or cheese helps it go down easily too.

Alternatively, special pilling devices like droppers or guns can be used to place the medicine in the pet’s mouth without getting your hand in. You have to be careful as the pet may end up gagging on the medicine.

Some pet pharmacies even provide flavored medications that can be customized to the pet’s favorite taste. You will be surprised at how easily the pets take these medications.

Liquid medicine: The going gets a little easy if the medicine is in a liquid form or the pill can be suspended in a liquid. Just form a pocket between the pet’s cheek and teeth before using a dropper to administer the medicine. Be gentle and squirt the medicine in small amounts only to avoid choking or vomiting.

Find The Best Feed Store in Tucson For Your Pet Companions

Animals, especially household pets, deserve the very best just like us and there are many a feed store in Tucson that offer exactly that.

Pet stores are a lifeline that only pet owners would understand. A pet in the household gives everyone around great emotional and psychological strength but at the same time, they need to be taken care of too. A pet animal’s health is of prime importance to every good owner as the health of the animal not only ensures its own well being but also ensures that the household is disease free too.

The foremost requirement for a pet animal’s health is of course its diet. If you are in Tucson and are looking for a good pet store that has the latest in animal diet foods as well as other supplements and pet related products you do not have search far and wide. There are quite a few feed stores in Tucson though the one that suits you best is eventually your personal choice.

The most common household pets are of course dogs and cats. These stores therefore carry a wide range of products related to these animals. One really does not need to go very far while looking for their favorite, or rather their dog’s favorite, brand of dog food in Tucson. Raw food seems to be the healthiest alternative and is easily available for both cats and dogs. This along with the best brands in the market makes for a winning combination for pet owners.

Apart from dog and cat food, the feed stores in Tucson are also well stocked with exotic bird feed, grain, dry feed, hay, as well as other feeds. The exotic bird feed is essential for those lovely parrots, parakeets, lovebirds and all other birds which make even the loneliest of days come alive. Grains and dry feed is essential for the health of farm animals and makes sure that all their nutritional needs are met so that they are healthy in every way. So apart from only the best dog food in Tucson, there are plenty of other essential selections related to pets that these stores carry too.

One can also find the best hay in the market at these stores with a healthy variety to choose from too. Feed stores in Tucson therefore not only offer the essentials in pet feed but also offer a large variety to choose from.

Know More About The Right Animal Feed

Animals are creatures that eat only natural food and choose only the best quality. Animals like cows, buffaloes, chicken, pigs, ducks, goats, lambs and others are also consumed by man and that is why those who have a poultry or animal shed, need to provide only high nutrition for the animals as they need to stay healthy and fit for the consumers. There are two basic foods for animals, one is fodder and the other is forage.

As food is the most important criteria for these animals, animal feed manufactures have to focus on providing healthy food to the animals timely. There are other animals like dogs, cats, horse etc which are not consumed, yet they need to be healthy, but as they are domestic animals they depend on their masters for their food. Different animals need different nutrition levels depending on their age.

Types of animal feed

There are plenty of animal foods available in nature for animals. However, the market too is full of nutritive food that comes from the animal feed manufacturer. These food materials include hays, pasture grasses, roughages, silage, solver and root crops etc. Some concentrates are high on energy levels. There are animals who feed on cereal grains, oats, wheat, barley, groundnuts, nuts, soya bean, cottonseed, corn, kernel corn and many more.

The animal feed comes in various forms, which is important to choose. The manufactures ground most of the feeds so that feeding becomes easy and helps in digestion as well. The food is clean, packed well and has all the good nutrients already added in it. The processing however is important and significance is given to this method. The cleaning is done taking care not to disturb the healthy part of the feed. Depending on the requirement of the animal, the feed is procured by consumers from the best manufacturing plant. The taste is important along with the odor. It should suit the animal palate so that the animals eat it without making any fuss.


Different areas have manufacturers that provide food for the animals depending on the region and the climate. The food delivered should have the receipt of the particular boards who have certified the food saying it is healthy and nutritive too. The board helps to educated people about the right quantity that needs to be fed to the animals. The food is not to be given to animals if it is in a rotten state or has germs in it. Many consumers do not give a thought to such factors which leads to the animals getting sick overtime and develop diseases. It can harm the animal permanently and the owners eventually lose livestock. Manufacturer should be chosen with utmost care and given right amount of attention to its quality and quantity.

Calling All Pet Groomers

What would you say if I told you there was a simple way for you to cut your overhead, while adding extra income to your shop, without grooming more dogs? I bet you would say show me the way!

Well, good news I know a way you can do just that and it is simple and easy to start. How much are you spending on pet shampoos and other products? If you are anything like I was it is your biggest expense aside from rent and utilities.

Why not start making your own pet product line? It isn’t as hard as you might think and the quality is unparalleled to anything you are using now.

There is very little investment to get started and you can do it right in your own kitchen. You would be able to eliminate the middle man, and could more then cut your cost on pet shampoos and conditioners in half!

Not to mention you could package and sale your products to clients in your shop. Imagine having your own all natural high quality product line for pets branded with your shops logo available for sale to your customers.

Many of these products cost as little as $2 to make and can retail for $15 to $20! That is money in your pocket without grooming any more dogs then you already do. Your customers will love the products. You could even get really fancy and mix custom aromatherapy products for clientele.

Aveda Salons used to offer a service similar to this for their human clients. Why not have it for pets? We all know they can benefit from it just as much as humans do.

There are many different directions you could go in to market your products. You could even contact pet shops and vets to retail for you. Just think every bottle is an advertisement for your salon. The sky is truly the limit.

Creating great selling all natural pet shampoos and other products isn’t rocket science but it will take some research on your part to get started. Although, you will soon find out how easy it actually can be. You will only need a few readily available supplies, a clean kitchen and some great recipes to get started.

This is just one super easy approach to generating more income for your shop. You should always strive to work smarter not harder in your business. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start adding more income to your businesses today!